Bank of Italy

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I have purposely kept this building as the last for Bliss & Faville..  One reason being that it is probably the best known of their works if only because generations of tourists have stood at its feet as they waited for a Powell Street Cable Car, and thousands of commuters pass through the adjacent Powell Street Station for BART and Muni daily.


The white granite building began life as the Bank of Italy, the second headquarters of the institution that would become the Bank of America.  It was commissioned by the Bank's founder A. P. Giannini in 1920.

In recent years it has undergone a transformation, another successful example of adaptive re-use.  There is still a B of A branch in the basement, and the first floor is retail, currently selling young women's clothes.  The upper floors have been adapted to luxury condominiums. 

The other reason I have saved this one for last is because of its bigger neighbor...the best known work by our next architect, starting tomorrow.