Rochat-Cordes Building

My purpose in doing all this is to visit different parts of the city, get in a nice walk, and come back with some photos and a story. 

It stands to reason that sometimes there just isn't going to be much of a story.  Herewith the first of three commissions by Albert Pissis that fit in that category.

I found an excerpt of a 1907 edition of the San Francisco Call stating that Ernest Rochat. William Cordes, James T. Gates and Herbert Mauch formed a Real Estate company in that year called "Rochat-Cordes" Real Estate.  They were evidently fairly active in the city for the next few years, and presumably this building was erected at their behest.  But that's all I can find.

I've often wondered at how the building's big picture windows bend into the alley on its flank, but apparently at that time the alley was more of a street than it is now.

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